Wooden facades HPL

There are, among others, on the market the following materials: ABET LAMINATI, FUNDERMAX, TRESPA, KRONOSPAN, PRODEMA, FORMICA ARPA, PURICELLI, PRODEMA. HPL laminates are a product obtained from layers of paper treated with a bonding resin under high temperature and elevated pressure conditions, finished on one or both sides with a layer of decorative paper.

The decorative layer is nothing more than: uniform color, imitation of cork, stone, wood, aluminum, or any patterns obtained thanks to the screen printing technique. HPL laminates can be used as façade cladding, filling balconies and balustrades and other similar.

HPL laminate facades are also highly resistant to weather conditions. Like aluminum and ceramic facades, they are ventilated facades fixed to an aluminum or wooden supporting substructure with rivets, adhesives and screws.

There are about 1000 different colors of HPL boards on the market. We also make other wooden facades, e.g. from exotic wood, etc.