Ceramic plates KERAION

KERAION is one of the most modern completing materials which is using not only in realization of public objects of the high standard like hotels, office-buildings, banks and many others also in flats and municipal buildings.

Fronts made of ceramic plates (panels) KERAION are “ventilated” and are installing as “dry” on the supporting construction.

These plates are products of the German firm AGROB BUCHTAL Gmbh and colors are based on NCS COLORS SYSTEMS and have typical sizes:

  • 30x60 cm
  • 60x60 cm
  • 60x90 cm
  • 90x90 cm

The advantages of the ceramic plates are:

  • Long staying colors, low weight, the resistance for atmospheric conditions and easy installing
  • Installing the stainless supportive construction, what absolutely eliminates the problem of eventual breaking down plates (panels) - the basic default (defect) of ceramic fronts (especially in European atmospheric conditions), this montage is made with “wet” technology (with glue f.ex.).