Aluminum facades

The ALUCOBOND is the product of the German firm ALCAN. This is the highest quality of the front elevations material of unusual light and hardness knowing as “sandwich-panel”, connected with two plates of aluminium (0,5 mm), which is filled by polyethylene in PE version or oxygenic of aluminium in not flammable version PLUS.

It is the elastic material of unusual light and hardness. Typical sizes of the panels (plates) are: 125 x 320 cm, and thick from 2 to 8 mm. These are covered with the special method, which allowed for getting various colors and very high endurance in technical thermal process of bending or pressing.

The additional valor is the possibility of making circle or oval parts (elements) of fronts. There are (made of getting from the manufacturer plates) various panels answering for architectural conception of the front.

The fronts made of ALUCOBOND are fire-resist, water-resist, noise-resist, easy for installation and keeping clear. The offering material (beside foreign certificates) has got necessary permissions and certificates of The Institute of The Building Technology and of The National Institute of Health and Hygiene.

It is the original product of the ALUSINGEN firm - the inventor of this material, the best quality in confront with the other producers.