Our firm has loaded The Factory System of The Quality Control and Work Organization. We specialize in projecting and realization of modern outdoor elevations with the highest quality of materials. We have realized such buildings and objects as banks, offices, hotels, fuel stations and supermarkets.

Especially, we offer producing and realization:

  • glass and aluminium constructions
  • installing the windows systems (made of PVC or aluminium)
  • ceramic front elevations
  • KERAION and KERA-TWIN (and others this type)
  • aluminium front elevation ALUCOBOND or REYNOBOND (and others this type)
  • elevations with outdoor blinds (PUNTO, HUNTER-DOUGLAS, DUCO)
  • elements of wooden panels HPL
  • indoor walls (glassed)
  • made of glass and aluminium roofs
  • anti fire-constructions with fire resistance EI15, EI30, EI60
  • covering by powder-painting steel and aluminium with fat out-cleaning

We have own producing lines which make aluminium constructions, PVC windows, panels of composite plates and parts of supporting constructions for ceramic elevations KERAION and KERA-TWIN. We employ many high quality specialists work in our firm. These people are educated by our business partners.

For Your disposition are office workers, engineers, technical workers and workers for installation of our products:

  • management - 2 persons
  • leaders - 2 persons
  • office and administration workers - 3 persons
  • engineers and technical workers - 5 persons
  • managers group - 2 persons
  • producing workers - 15 persons
  • montage workers - 15 persons